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Merlins Cave of Knowledge

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Merlins Cavern of Knowledge - and Call Out page
This was my first entering the Environment Design contest, I had a great deal of fun delving into the ideas of Merlin and his cave below
(King Arthur's) Castle Tintagel .
I probably spent to much time on procreate exploring ideas for the final concept to paint up. Early on my ideas were to reflect that Merlin has some influence on Arthur in nurturing him with a well spring of enriched waters from his cave that flowed up to the castle well, a reverse waterfall.
In the end I just found the ideas not as interesting as a Enchanted cave with a two level library full of hundreds of years of knowledge with a Floating rock staircase to the upper library deck, Full of bobbles and magical trinkets.
There are also doors to other strange areas of the cave system and a pool of enriched waters.
Stairs go down to another lower cavern system where the entrance is screened with an impenetrable fog. , chemistry sets, bugs and snakes .