Mistuuk the Spy

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Character Name: Mistuuk
Race: Cuukzen
Height: 3-31/2 feet tall
Skin Color: Reddish Brown
Attitude: Bold, Naive, sarcastic ***
The hairless and stubby Cuukzen was only three feet tall; not even an inch taller than the Aythra that drooled before his cell. His oversized eyes blinked at the towering Kryth before him. The large ears folded and dropped back behind the wee Cuukzen.
“I don’t have all day. The name is, Mistuuk. And I’m a bounty hunter,” the little one said with boldness.
“Yes, Mistuuk the spy. You will be moved shortly. That’s all,” the Kryth guard said as he left.
“What, that’s all?” Mistuuk trotted up to the barrier. “Idiots, Kryth idiots. I’m a bounty hunter for the sixth hundred and tenth time.” He ranted his dissatisfaction to no one in particular. “Can’t you pitat’s get anything right? Well, can you?”
He couldn’t hold back his frustration. “A spy, huh. Just stupid. No respect, Kryth.”