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From the book Annals of the Keepers Book 2,
I turned around to see a tall, lanky alien standing before our cage.
The face seemed to be a mask made of a large piece of broken bark from a tree,
greenish gray in color. It was smooth all around, no rough edges.
There were two small horizontal blue glowing slits for eyes, and two vertical slits than
ran down towards a squared chin that seemed to be the mouth of some type, but wasn’t
moving.The faceplate had different sized circles or markings on either sides of the
cheek area that overlapped.Its neck was thin and grey in color, as were its limbs,
which stuck out from a white rob cloth that covered the upper torso, and draped
between the legs.The shoulders also had a similar bark type grieve, not quite sure if
was attached as armor or a part of the body itself.The lanky creature spoke again,
“I’m Yren. I’ll be your interpreter